The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We have been hearing news from all levels of government from Washington DC to California that there is light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Curves are flattening; deaths, thankfully, are lessening and new cases are dropping off. Finally some good news.
Does this mean its over? Not by a longshot. What it means is that every American Citizen is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing to defeat the enemy. It means that we are winning all of the battles and are winning them handsomely. The war still looms large, and the enemy fights on, but he has seen our resolve and is beginning to back down.
In spite of everything you read, the experts are serving us well. They are planning the attacks, providing us with the necessary armament to fight, and like good soldiers we are marching forward to the end.

We at Compliance Associates Inc. want to praise everyone for a job well done and spur everyone on to continue to fight to the end. Excellent job; First Responders, Medical Workers, and most of all you CDL Drivers. No war is run without a successful supply line. Great Job Everyone, keep it up.


We read an interesting article recently about how long the COVID-19 pest hangs around once it lands on various surfaces. The virus can hang in the air for up to 3 hours, but different surfaces have different hang times as follows;
1. Copper – 4 hours. Interestingly enough, copper is a natural disinfectant.
2. Cardboard – 16 hours
3. Stainless Steel – 21 hours
4. Plastic – 21 hours
So what does this mean in the world of social distancing and navigating the great outdoors.
If you are a commuter, the bug can literally hang on the stainless steel bus or subway hangers or straps for up to 72 hours. Might be a good idea to wear gloves.
If you venture into the supermarket for those needed groceries, the push cart handles can host the little bugger 72 hours as well. Use the provided wipes.
Just about any door or freezer handle will also need the Wipes attention.
UPS and FEDEX can deliver a cardboard box of Corona, as well. Wipe it down with disinfectant.
Glass doors, windows, and such can provide safe landing for up to 96 hours, especially if it is cold like on a grocery store freezer cabinet. Gloves and wipes work well.
The little buggers are all around, but you can rest assured that they won’t jump off a surface at you, you have to physically pick them up.


Supply Chain – Huh?

How often in your daily life do you think about the term Supply Chain? “Like never dude”, you might say. That would probably be the answer from 99% of the people you might ask. Then along comes a coronavirus, and the question takes on a new perspective.
If you have never thought about “the supply chain” for your groceries, drugs and sundries, it is a pretty sure bet you will think about it, and remember it before COVID-19 is conquered.
“I don’t think many Americans think about the supply chain much during ordinary times, but now that phrase — the supply chain — is being talked about everywhere. So many more people now understand that it’s due to truckers and trucking companies that food shelves in a supermarket get stocked, or that gasoline stations are able to sell gasoline.” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, said recently.
From the raw material source, to the manufacturer, to the distributor, and finally, to the retailer, each step of the way, a truck and a CDL Driver are involved.

A 62-year-old truck driver with three underlying health conditions, said he’s frightened of catching COVID-19 and only has a half can of disinfectant spray left. He doesn’t know where to go for testing if he were to develop symptoms, and he’s afraid of being caught far from his Illinois home if he gets sick. Despite that, he rebuffed the idea of using vacation time to ride out the virus storm. “If I take a couple of weeks’ vacation, you all starve,” he said. The 20-year trucking veteran had just taken sugar to Memphis, cereal to Chicago and was waiting to be loaded in Batavia, Ill., for cargo going to Hopkinsville, Ky. “I’m out here trying to keep you all fed.”

As long as our CDL Drivers have that attitude, it is a pretty sure bet that we will get through this viral threat successfully.

Some Interesting COVID -19 News

We found something interesting in our local newspaper regarding the Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus can survive on common material surfaces for hours, even days. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.” 
1. Airborne droplets containing the virus can survive for up to 3 hours.
2. Virus rate of decay depends on the surface material type. Copper, 4 hours (Copper is an excellent disinfectant); Cardboard, 16 hours; Stainless Steel, 21 hours; Plastic, 21 hours.
3. So the virus will remain on a Grocery Cart Handle 21 hours; a subway hanger strap 21 hours; a door handle or knob 21 hours; a UPS or Amazon Cardboard box 16 hours; a refrigerated plastic milk carton at the supermarket 96 hours (the virus likes it cold).

 It is probably a good idea to wash your hands often. It’s probably a good idea to use the wipes provided by the grocery store when and where you can. It’s probably a good idea to disinfect your kitchen counter after you have unpacked your groceries, oh yeah, and wash your hands.