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A “screw-up” is defined as a situation that has been completely mismanaged or mishandled. Lets face it, screw-ups have varying impacts but one thing is for certain, they all cost money. A case in point. An employer makes an appointment for his employee to get tested on Friday. On Friday morning the employee is notified of his appointment time and told to get tested. The employee says “Yes Sir, 10:30 AM sharp, I’ll be there”. Unfortunately the employee had heard that the fish were biting and was on his way to the river, and a day of drifting, and blew off the appointment. He has a change of heart and on Tuesday decides to show up for his test. “Sorry pal, you missed your appointment and are down as a refusal and a positive”, says the Lab tech.

The driver is immediately removed from his safety sensitive position and referred to a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) for further evaluation. The average cost of this process is around $600. After this the employee is required to pass a Return to Duty test, and must take at least 6 follow up tests in the following 12 months. Oooooops! The employee could have missed his appointment for any number of reasons. The point the employee must be aware of the consequences of his/her actions, and the employer must educate to that end.

COMPLIANCE ALLIANCE INC. virtually eliminates all types of self -inflicted errors. We are committed to partnering with you to meet compliance through efficiency and education to make sure employees and employers are on the same page moving in the same direction……compliance.

POTUS Adds His Praise


We have regularly shown our approval and praise for the First Responders, Medical Teams and CDL Drivers that have done an amazing to keep the country going during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to add our praise to that of the President’s and let everyone remember that this great country is built on the efforts of all citizens, and that effort is made possible by the hard work of the nations trucking industry and it CDL Drivers. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

Supply Chain – Huh?

How often in your daily life do you think about the term Supply Chain? “Like never dude”, you might say. That would probably be the answer from 99% of the people you might ask. Then along comes a coronavirus, and the question takes on a new perspective.
If you have never thought about “the supply chain” for your groceries, drugs and sundries, it is a pretty sure bet you will think about it, and remember it before COVID-19 is conquered.
“I don’t think many Americans think about the supply chain much during ordinary times, but now that phrase — the supply chain — is being talked about everywhere. So many more people now understand that it’s due to truckers and trucking companies that food shelves in a supermarket get stocked, or that gasoline stations are able to sell gasoline.” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, said recently.
From the raw material source, to the manufacturer, to the distributor, and finally, to the retailer, each step of the way, a truck and a CDL Driver are involved.

A 62-year-old truck driver with three underlying health conditions, said he’s frightened of catching COVID-19 and only has a half can of disinfectant spray left. He doesn’t know where to go for testing if he were to develop symptoms, and he’s afraid of being caught far from his Illinois home if he gets sick. Despite that, he rebuffed the idea of using vacation time to ride out the virus storm. “If I take a couple of weeks’ vacation, you all starve,” he said. The 20-year trucking veteran had just taken sugar to Memphis, cereal to Chicago and was waiting to be loaded in Batavia, Ill., for cargo going to Hopkinsville, Ky. “I’m out here trying to keep you all fed.”

As long as our CDL Drivers have that attitude, it is a pretty sure bet that we will get through this viral threat successfully.

Heroes all around us

There are heroes all around us, and they come is all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. It is safe to bet that 90% of them have no idea they are heroes, but that is the way of heroes.
A Hero is defined as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. It is a safe bet that the amount of heroes around us, tally well into the millions, here in the United States, right now, as we read. Not so you say? Let’s just count a few million or so. How about every first responders working right this minute, and the one that is home resting and getting ready to take the next shift. That’s got to be at least 10 to 20 million or so when you count EMT’s, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Aides and Assistants, Fire Fighters, Police, National Guard, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines.
How about the food Industry? Millions of Growers, Harvesters, Dairymen, Renachers, Packers, Marketers, Grocers, Clerks and box-out help. Bingo another 10 to 20 million at least.
How about the Manufacturers? We are out of just about everything, thanks to the hoarders, but the manufacturers are rising to the occasion. Makers of masks, disinfectants, toilet paper, soap, drugs, that often needed glass of wine at the end of the day. At least another 10 to 20 million.
How about the Transportation Industry? Shippers, Loaders, Storers, Stackers, and last, but certainly not least, you, the CDL Driver. Again another 10 to 20 million or more.

You are the heroes of the Current Coronavirus Crisis, and our hats are off to you. Thank you for your good work.