Aren’t those flowers lovely? NOPE!  They are opium poppies. Refined into morphine then chemically modified to heroin…not lovely. And 95 % of the worlds opium poppies products are from Afghanistan. Hmmmm, lets not get it to the politics of that hot potato. Heroin is a growing issue in the small town I live in as …

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Painkiller Epidemic

Update: June 28,2016 The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a press release today on the growing heroin problem. Read it here.     We have written a lot on this blog about illegal drugs and the problems they cause to our society. But legal drugs have started a painkiller epidemic in the United States.   …

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Medical Marijuana

Where do you stand on medical marijuana? What kind of impact can it have on your business? In regulated industries like railroads, airlines, and truck and bus companies, the rules are black and white. There is NO  provision for medical marijuana. But what about other workers? The state of New Jersey has proposed a new …

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