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POTUS Adds His Praise


We have regularly shown our approval and praise for the First Responders, Medical Teams and CDL Drivers that have done an amazing to keep the country going during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to add our praise to that of the President’s and let everyone remember that this great country is built on the efforts of all citizens, and that effort is made possible by the hard work of the nations trucking industry and it CDL Drivers. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

Is a Background Check on Employees Really Worth The Expense?

Do you request a background check on potential employees? Should you?

A jury in Texas just awarded a family over 1 million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. Read the story here. The company will pay dearly for this event but spending $100. on a background check was “too expensive”.

At Compliance Associates, Inc. our background checks include a nationwide search on both the name and social security number. County records are also searched for criminal charges. At times the county searches can go very slow if that county does not have its records filed electronically. That means a court clerk has to search the records by hand.


Call us if you would like to talk about Background Checks and how they would fit in to your hiring process. 866-844-0661

Vision Zero

Have you heard the term ‘Vision Zero’ ?

Started in Sweden in 1997 and now spread world wide, Vision Zero is a process of eliminating ALL traffic fatalities. Many countries have adopted the plan as a country, while the United States has not until now. Read the Wikipedia explanation here. Vision Zero even has a Facebook page.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided we need 30 years to reach the goal of zero traffic deaths.  Zero

Do you believe that is realistic? Of course its a wonderful goal, to eliminate every traffic death everywhere. But even the autonomous vehicles are having a tough time staying out of accidents. Read the New York Times account of the first fatal accident in a self driving Tesla.

So first we would need to eliminate every vehicle with a mechanical issue. Everything from a low tire to an engine ready to blow.

Who’s left? Oh, eliminate the teenager texting. Remove everyone that is driving distracted. That means the guy drinking coffee and the woman late for work putting on her make-up. Now who is left?

Eliminate the sleepy, the mad, the daydreamers. Had a fight with your significant other? No driving for you today. Did the cat wake you in the night? You will have to stay home today. So now who is left?

I think those two crying toddlers in the back seat are distracting you. Stay home. Seems to me like a slippery slope.

Since we can’t seem to do this now, what makes the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)  believe that it can be done in 30 years? Can you imagine the policing that we would need. Checkpoints every few miles to decide who is too sleepy, mad or high to drive on.

Vision Zero? Just tell me how your going to regulate this!

Vision Zero






uberize ‎(third-person singular simple present uberizes, present participle uberizing, simple past and past participle uberized)

  1. (economics) To modify a market or economic model by the introduction of a cheap and efficient alternative

Derived terms

One year ago today with opened our blog with a story about “Uber like trucking”.  What a concept! Now its part of our language. The Uberization of diverse industries is upon us!

Overhaul recently announced its Uberization of high value trucking. Check out their website here.  Their business model looks like a great idea for Owner/Operators and small fleets. You have the ability to choose your loads, which is wonderful. No dispatcher breathing down your neck. Also the loads are reportedly high value which means they pay more. Or they should pay more.

The word, though ungainly, is being used more and more. Bianca Wright writes an article in NorthShore concerning Uberization of the banking and finance industry. Read her piece here. 

Overhaul will launch their new style of trucking this summer. It might be worth a look. uberization