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Restart Study

Restart Study
The FMCSA is doing a study of the 34 hour restart. As you know, it was added to log book regulations, then modified, then un-modified. They are still trying to get it right.
The following was taken from the FMCSA Facebook page. If you are a driver, it might be worth your while to take a look:

Truck Drivers: Do you drive at night? Work more than 60 hours a week? Use the restart provision? Take one-night restarts at least some of the time? Get involved in the Hours of Service Driver Restart Study and earn up to $2,166 while you work. For more information, visit:

Restart Study Driver Recruitment Survey

Distracted Driving

What would we do without cell phones?

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when driving was just driving. No cup holders in the car, no Bluetooth technology to keep us entertained. No phone calls or chirping text messages.

We have come to believe we can “multitask” in our vehicles. But studies on the way are brains work proves that theory wrong. Distracted driving is the focus of DOT’s Calls Kill ad campaign.

Please read this interesting study done by the Department of Transportation at their FastLane Blog.

DOT Driver Files

DOT Driver Files, what a pain. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations spell out the items required in a complete driver file. Read the requirement here at .

Its quite a daunting list, but did you know Compliance Associates, Inc. has this service available?

We can gather the information, do the background checks and deliver the completed file to you. We can maintain the file for you, or complete the foundation of the file for you to maintain.

Compliance Associates, Inc. can set up training for your staff on the requirements of the DOT Driver Files and how to assemble the information required. What will work for your organization? We can help!