Driver Retention

Driver retention, how do you hold on to good drivers? A recent survey revealed that at least 20 percent of drivers that quit the industry, do so because of health issues. Not surprising, since truck driving long distance is a recipe for bad health. Combine sitting for hours at a time, questionable choices for food and changing sleep schedules, its no wonder.

Carriers large and small need to figure out how to encourage and promote systems that address these issues. But you don’t want to spend the money? But what does it cost to hire, train, complete the paperwork for a driver that is only on the payroll a month or two?

Number one on the list, promote programs aimed at quitting smoking! Like this free program by the US Health and Human Services.

Other ideas are gym memberships, walking programs, the list is long.

But one of the main conflicts of the job is frustration. Stuck in traffic, waiting endless hours to unload, not making it home in time for the graduation, recital or other important event. That’s the killer. Employers hoping to up their driver retention will need to work on that. Heavy Duty Trucking ran an article in 2013 on this subject. Read it here. And here  we are 3 years later still trying to figure it out.

The driver shortage continues as this article in points out. So whats a responsible carrier to do? The Golden Rule can always apply.