E-cigarettes on airplanes

compliance-associates-incE-cigarettes, the latest craze to hit the teens and 20-somethings (and beyond) has a secret that has just been outed by the Department of Transportation. DOT has declared no e-cigarettes in checked luggage, but they can be in carry-on bags. Read the regulation here.

Why no e-cigarettes on airplanes? They have a tendency to blow up! Not something i want on my next trip. NBC news did a story on the problem. Read it here.  In February of this year, CNN did a story on an e-cigarette the exploded in a  mans pants pocket, leaving him with 2nd degree burns.

CNN’s story is here.

Lots of complaining will follow this regulation, “Millions of people use them everyday and they don’t blow up” “They aren’t big enough to blow a hole in an airplane”  and on and on.  But they are big enough to start a fire, not a good thing on a airplane.