Vehicle vs Train? Train Wins!

9/4/2015: To update our previous story, FMCSA has awarded a grant to states to rework the train crossing grades to make them safer for everyone.


The incidence of vehicle vs train accidents is on the rise. And in a vehicle vs train collision, the train wins!

Statistics over the last few years show the increase

YEAR                                                                 ACCIDENTS                                 DEATHS                             INJURIES

2012 1,985 230 975
2013* 2,096 231 972
2014* 2,280 267 832

* Preliminary statistics

What is causing the increase? Are we all too busy to take five minutes to wait for the train to pass? At your next safety meeting, how about suggesting that we use the time waiting for a train to go by to do some deep breathing. Maybe a few seated stretches. Anything besides trying to beat the train to the crossing because the train wins!!!

vehicle vs train TRAIN WINS

Read more at the Department of Transportation’s blog.

Update: March 17, 2016

The FRA (Federal Railroad Administration ) unveiled its new website to educate the public to be safe around trains. Click here for the link.