Drug Testing Program

More and more, we are seeing employers set up drug testing programs for non-regulated employees.

It’s just makes good business sense.

Regulated industries such as trucking, railroads, and aviation have federally mandated drug and alcohol testing. Those industries have an easier time because all the regulations are set and it’s black and white. Non-regulated firms enter a grey area. But it is actually not that hard to set up. A business needs a written policy stating what is expected of employees, the testing specifics and the consequences. Will the testing only be done as pre-employment or will there be random testing? What about post-accident testing? What kind of test will be done, instant testing, test sent out to a lab, split specimen or single, and what drugs will be included in the testing. What is the procedure when an employee tests positive? Do you have a zero tolerance or can the employee attempt a rehab? Who pays for that?

Drug Testing

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and other states has brought a lot of new questions to the employment table. California has given the green light to medical marijuana with a “215 Card”.

Owners and managers have to make decisions that keep their company viable, on the right  track and making some money. How does marijuana use impact your business? Is it a drug you want included in your drug testing program? What are the consequences of an industrial accident in which an employee tests positive for marijuana?

Compliance Associates, Inc. can help you with these issues. Then we can set up and run your program exactly the way your business requires. Give us a call or contact us via this website.