Synthetic marijuana

A story in the April 23, 2015 Morning Call, a newspaper published in Pennsylvania, chronicles the effect of synthetic marijuana also known as Spice, K2 or fake weed. The substance is marketed as “incense”or “potpourri” but a quick internet search makes it clear the intent is for the substance to be smoked or vaped. It is clearly an immediate problem on the East Coast “as the New Jersey Police posted a warning on their Facebook page, citing approximately 400 synthetic marijuana overdoses from Alabama to New York this month” (April 2015)

Read the entire story here at The Morning Call.

Brian Ross of ABC News did a story recently on the drug in Southern California.  It is frightening. You can view the video  here

ABC News Story on Spice/K2

Most current drug tests do not detect synthetic marijuana ingredients although that is starting to change. And adding to the problem is that those ingredients are not consistent from batch to batch. The “entrepreneurs” who make K2, dissolve the chemicals in acetone to make a spray that they then spray on plant material. As this solution dries it leaves the chemical behind. The chemical used can vary from fertilzer to pain medicines to who knows. Packages of K2 list lovely sounding plants such as sage or vanilla, but genetic tests have found none of the listed plant material. Two of the same packages of K2 could have completely different drugs of different strengths. There is no “quality control” when you are mixing up a batch of K2 on your garage floor.

So what to do? Start a conversation with your friends and family. When your shopping at your local convienence store, look at the K2 or Spice varieties for sale.

And if you suspect K2 use and want to know for sure, Compliance Associates, Inc. can arrange a drug test specifically for that range of substances.