Aren’t those flowers lovely? NOPE!  They are opium poppies. Refined into morphine then chemically modified to heroin…not lovely. And 95 % of the worlds opium poppies products are from Afghanistan. Hmmmm, lets not get it to the politics of that hot potato.

Heroin is a growing issue in the small town I live in as it is all over. A local park was recently cleaned by a group of concerned citizens and they retrieved a 55 gallon trash bag filled with needles.

Well our neighbors to the north have a new idea. Canadian doctors can now legally prescribe diacetylmorphine, or pharmaceutical-grade heroin to their patients. Read CNN’s article here. The idea is that it gets the addicted person off the street, not stealing to maintain their habit and not exposed to disease thus saving the state money in law enforcement and social services.

You probably saw the story on the grandmother in the car, with her 4 year old grandson, passed out on heroin. Read that here

What do you think is the answer? Is it up to the government to fix it? And what is the bigger issue…why? Why do so many of our citizens try to fill the empty part of their soul with heroin?

Maybe we can wait and see what happens in Canada.