Earth Day 2015

Well, we are celebrating Earth Day 2015. But in California we are all concerned about water.

California feeds the nation. We produce rice, almonds, walnuts, avocados and artichokes for the United StatesĀ and the world. China imports about 20% of California’s almond crop. (Did you know its takes one gallon of water to produce one almond!)

Agriculture uses the greatest share of the water in California so expect food prices to rise as we endureĀ this drought. Farmers use the most water but provide us with jobs and crunchy snacks. In 2012, the 80,500 farms in California brought 44.7 billion dollars in to our economy.

As consumers we all need to do what we can to conserve water and urge our cities and towns to look for new ways to save water. Read more at Save Our Water