uberize ‎(third-person singular simple present uberizes, present participle uberizing, simple past and past participle uberized)

  1. (economics) To modify a market or economic model by the introduction of a cheap and efficient alternative

Derived terms

One year ago today with opened our blog with a story about “Uber like trucking”.  What a concept! Now its part of our language. The Uberization of diverse industries is upon us!

Overhaul recently announced its Uberization of high value trucking. Check out their website here.  Their business model looks like a great idea for Owner/Operators and small fleets. You have the ability to choose your loads, which is wonderful. No dispatcher breathing down your neck. Also the loads are reportedly high value which means they pay more. Or they should pay more.

The word, though ungainly, is being used more and more. Bianca Wright writes an article in NorthShore concerning Uberization of the banking and finance industry. Read her piece here. 

Overhaul will launch their new style of trucking this summer. It might be worth a look. uberization