Vision Zero

Have you heard the term ‘Vision Zero’ ?

Started in Sweden in 1997 and now spread world wide, Vision Zero is a process of eliminating ALL traffic fatalities. Many countries have adopted the plan as a country, while the United States has not until now. Read the Wikipedia explanation here. Vision Zero even has a Facebook page.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided we need 30 years to reach the goal of zero traffic deaths.  Zero

Do you believe that is realistic? Of course its a wonderful goal, to eliminate every traffic death everywhere. But even the autonomous vehicles are having a tough time staying out of accidents. Read the New York Times account of the first fatal accident in a self driving Tesla.

So first we would need to eliminate every vehicle with a mechanical issue. Everything from a low tire to an engine ready to blow.

Who’s left? Oh, eliminate the teenager texting. Remove everyone that is driving distracted. That means the guy drinking coffee and the woman late for work putting on her make-up. Now who is left?

Eliminate the sleepy, the mad, the daydreamers. Had a fight with your significant other? No driving for you today. Did the cat wake you in the night? You will have to stay home today. So now who is left?

I think those two crying toddlers in the back seat are distracting you. Stay home. Seems to me like a slippery slope.

Since we can’t seem to do this now, what makes the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)  believe that it can be done in 30 years? Can you imagine the policing that we would need. Checkpoints every few miles to decide who is too sleepy, mad or high to drive on.

Vision Zero? Just tell me how your going to regulate this!

Vision Zero