Year End Review

2015 is rapidly coming to its end. In spite of everyone “being busy” this time of year, it is an excellent time for a year end review of your business. If you have one employee, yourself, or 500, a tune-up before the new year begins is a great idea.

Get out a piece of paper and go old school. Make a list of the things you want to run smoother in 2016.

If you have regulated employees that are required to be in a drug and alcohol testing program, ask your self if you are happy with your service provider. If you have employees that are not required to be tested, should you start a program? What about alcohol testing?

Consider this, the National Institute on Drug Abuse states that it is a $700 billion dollar a year problem for this country and for you.

Health Care Overall
Tobacco $130 billion $295 billion
Alcohol $25 billion $224 billion
Illicit Drugs $11 billion $193 billion

With non-regulated employees, there is much more flexibility in a testing program. If you would like to answer the question, would  a drug and alcohol testing program would work for you, call the professionals at Compliance Associates, Inc. 530-241-2099 or email us through our web site.

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