DOT Drug Test

drug testWhen you go in for your first Department of Transportation, DOT drug test, what will happen? And what should happen?

When you have a commercial drivers license, an A or B class, if you are a pilot, work on the railroad. you are required to have drug and alcohol tests. Listed are the categories of who is required to be in a testing program.

Aviation ~ FAA

Commercial Motor Carriers ~ FMCSA

Maritime ~ USCG2

Pipeline ~ PHMSA Operations,

Railroad ~ FRA

Transit ~ FTA

The first test you will have, when you are ready to go to work, is a pre-employment test. This will probably be your first encounter with the DOT paperwork and process.

When you arrive at the collection site, you are required to show your picture ID. The identification must be current. You can use your drivers license, passport or military ID.

Then you will be taken to a private area to begin the paperwork. You will be asked to provide your social security number.

You will be asked to empty your pockets, take off your hat and any outer wear, such as a coat or jacket. Your items will be stored n a locked area. Then the collector will ask you to wash your hands. This is to make sure there are no adulterants, or chemicals on your hands that could alter the test in any way. After you wash your hands you will be given a cup to urinate into. The collector will show you how much they need, the rest can go in the toilet.

This pre-employment test will not be a viewed test. You will enter the rest room alone and the door shut. Do not flush the toilet. When you are finished, do as you were instructed by the collector, to either put the specimen cup in an indicated location or hand it directly to the collector. You are required to watch the collector split the specimen, you will initial the seals on the 2 vials, and the collector will package your specimen for shipping. After that process, you may wash your hands and retrieve your items from the locked area. Your employer should have your drug test results in a few days.

The Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) has issued a handbook for employees, you can read it here.