Entry-Level CMV Driver Training

The FMCSA recently gave notice they are considering rules for entry-level CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle)┬ádriver training. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said “Well trained drivers are safer drivers”.

That is a true statement but what sort of training the government comes up with could be scary. You have the opportunity to make your voice heard. The committee that is working on the components of the regulation is also taking input from the public.

Read about the proposed rule here. You can also make comments or questions from the page.

Click here to read the FMCSA announcement.

If you employ drivers you might want to make your voice heard. What do you think training should include? I have a few ideas that I learned from my years as a driver:

  1. Following distance: A multitude of problems can be avoided with enough following distance.
  2. Adjust speed to conditions. If the speed limit sign says 65 its not mandatory. Drive for the conditions.
  3. Consider who is driving next to you. Automobile drivers have no idea what it takes to drive a truck down the road. Unfortunately a truck driver has to think for them and anticipate their next move.

Semi-truck on the road in the desert This is a great opportunity to put in your 2 cents. What do you think should be included in driver training?