Railroad & Maritime

Railroad and Maritime contractors can breathe easy with guaranteed compliance.

Keeping regulated industries in compliance with the Department of Transportation is what we do.

Putting simple into drug programs.

Understanding the 49 CFR Part 40 is not all easy and staying up to date on new Department of Transportation regulations can be time consuming. Let Compliance Associates, Inc. be your guide to maintaining DOT compliance. Our industry professionals are versed in drug and alcohol testing regulations and can assist your company, large or small.

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Assisting you with drug and alcohol compliance.

Compliance Associates, Inc. offers full spectrum consortium services. Our professionals create quarterly, random testing lists, immediately update any driver changes, constantly monitor percentages, notify employers immediately of any positive results, offer web-based reporting, and are always available to answer your questions. Give us a call to get started. Learn more aboutCompliance Associates, Inc.

Looking for a program that fits your company?

Look no further. Compliance Associates, Inc. can hook you up with industry leading professionals with over twenty years of experience. As a TPA and consulting service, Compliance Associates is versed in CFR Part 40 and can help you achieve your regulatory requirements.

Who needs drug testing in your industry?

Maritime: crewmembers operating a commercial vessel Railroad: engine & train operators, signal service or train dispatchers More about Compliance Associates, Inc.