Annual Inquiry and Review of Driver Records

Are you familiar with the FMCSA regulation, §391.25  that requires carriers to complete an annual inquiry and review of driver records for each driver?

It applies to a carrier with 1 truck or 500 trucks.

The good news is, the FMCSA has amended the regulation (Read it Here) so carriers are allowed to use the Employer Pull Notice report as the annual driver review.

. Many State driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) provide ENS that either automatically update requestors (push-system) on license status, crashes and convictions of laws or regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles or allow the requestor to regularly query the record (pull-system) for this information. The use of these systems to check the driving record, at least annually, satisfies the requirement for an annual review of each driver’s record

All carriers in California are required to be enrolled in the Department of Motor Vehicles Employer Pull Notice program. Many other states have a similar program.

After you review,  make sure you sign and date the report!!

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