DMV Debacle

Six Hundred and two (602) Commercial drivers licenses (CDL)  have been revoked after the U.S. Attorneys office arrested 3 DMV employees and several truck driving school owners. At least 23 accidents have occurred with drivers who obtained their CDL fraudulently.

We know the DMV has “issues” but wow.

At least 2 truck driving schools were involved, Sacramento Truck School and Mid-California Truck School. Did you hire drivers from those schools?

Read an in depth article in the LA Times/PolitiCal written by Patrick McGreevy and Kurt Chirbas. The Sacramento Bee also has a great article.

As we look in to DMV irregularities, more come to light. How about trading designer purses for getting your DUI charge to disappear. Read that story here at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Thank you to the FBI and Attorney General’s office for making these cases a big deal!