Is It Possible to Edit Electronic Logs?

Can-you-edit-electronic-logsIs it possible to edit electronic logs? The answer is yes.

Although the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has yet to issue its final rule* on Electronic Logs they have issued regulatory guidelines concerning editing. According to the regulatory guidance, the driver must be allowed to correct errors, enter and annotate, and certify the accuracy. The exception is driving time. Since the electronic log senses movement and engine RPM and “turns itself on” to log miles using GPS, the driving time itself cannot be changed, but in the case of unassigned driver or team drivers mixed up, it can be corrected.

Read the rule in the Federal Register here.

I have blogged before about electronic logs, or as the FMCSA calls them, AOBRD for Automatic On-Board Recording Device,

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*That final rule has been pushed back to October 30, 2015, but don’t get your hopes up, its been delayed before.