School Transportation

We take school transportation seriously.

Maintaining school transportation compliance means so much more than drug and alcohol testing. It means keeping our children and our communities safe.

Bringing School Districts into Compliance

There is no room for impaired driving when transporting our most precious cargo. A zero substance abuse culture must be maintained. Compliance Associates, Inc. can set your school up with a zero-tolerance policy and manage your random and pre-employment drug testing to ensure constant compliance.

Putting Simple into Drug Programs

It is a difficult task to manage DOT drug and alcohol testing programs while maintaining required records and making sureschools arecompliant with the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing rules and regulations. Compliance Associates, Inc. can assist schools and insurance groups by offering cost effective testing programs that guarantee driver compliance.

Assisting you with drug and alcohol compliance.

Compliance Associates, Inc. offers full spectrum consortium services. Our professionals create quarterly, random testing lists, immediately update any driver changes, constantly monitor percentages, notify employers immediately of any positive results, offer web-based reporting, and are always available to answer your questions.