DOT Compliance Services

Drug and Alcohol Collections

Located in Redding, CA, Compliance Associates, Inc. is a DOT compliant collection site. We are certified to administer drug and alcohol collections and are able to collect for out of network post-accident drivers.

Background Screening

More often, employers perform background screenings before hiring new employees. Background screening allows employers to make informed hiring decisions. Compliance Associates, Inc. can manage a personalized screening program that suites your company's needs.

Comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening

Compliance Associates, Inc. can set up a comprehensive pre-employment screening program to meet your company's specific needs. If you are interested in having all applicants background screened and drug tested before they are even considered for employment, Compliance Associates, Inc. can set up a portal for all applicants to apply for pre-screening. We simply send you the results to review eligible applicants.

Drug and Alcohol Program Management

Understanding regulatory requirements can be difficult and time consuming. Let Compliance Associates, Inc. help you through your regulatory drug and alcohol testing program. Our industry professionals are versed in drug and alcohol program management and look forward to assisting you.

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