The Snowman – A Distant Traveler

Every so often it is good to take a break from the daily grind, and take note of things that are truly phenomenal that are constantly occurring without our even slightest suspicion.
2I/Borisov, a 3,000 Ft. wide chunk of ice and dust, has decided to have a romp through our solar system, during his multimillion-year (possibly Billion-year) trek from his home somewhere where it is minus 420 degrees Fahrenheit, and loaded with cosmic dust and  toxic carbon dioxide. People who look for these kinds of things, including the Hubble Telescope photo (above right), somehow know this from looking at him from a gazillion miles away. How they do it, they won’t say.

Compared to 4.6 Billion-year-old Mother Earth the Snowman is a youngster. An upstart who is going to burn himself out in no time, or about a billion years from now, but just think of the ride he will have had.