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Switching TPAs Midyear is Simple

Are you looking for a new TPA to meet your company’s drug and alcohol testing requirements?Driver satisfied with new TPA

Look no further than Compliance Associates, Inc. to fulfill all of your regulatory compliance needs.  We offer consortium services to companies of all sizes.  We can incorporate your old drug and alcohol testing records to show that there was no lapse in coverage and maintain drug and alcohol records into the future.

Owner-Operators can easily switch to a TPA that fits their needs.

Enrollment with Compliance Associates, Inc. includes your company policy, end of year MIS reporting and summaries, random drug and alcohol testing coverage, post-accident testing coverage, consultation, and more.  Owner-operators are covered and are guaranteed DOT compliance.

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Large corporations can set up a personalized drug and alcohol testing program.

Often large companies have DOT regulated and non-regulated employees that they require to be drug and alcohol tested.  You let us know which employees need to be tested and if they are regulated or not and we can set up a program for you. Switching to a TPA that fits your needs is a smart decision.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Software Launch

Boon Data Solutions’ Drug and Alcohol Testing Software is HERE

Woman happy with drug and alcohol testing software

Boon Data Solutions is excited to announce the availability of our unique drug and alcohol testing software.  Starting January 1, 2015, Boon Data’s easy to use management and randomization software is accessible to all industry professionals looking to acquire the benefits of implementing a drug and alcohol program.  Regulated or non-regulated industries can achieve higher levels of productivity, decrease employee turnover and absenteeism, and reduce liability costs all by enforcing a drug and alcohol testing policy.

Boon Data Solutions puts you in the driver seat of your drug and alcohol program.  The easy to use platform allows users to input employee information, add them to a random pull list, make quarterly random draws, track percentages and who still needs to report for testing, and generate annual reporting, including MIS reports, employee lists, and test results.

Don’t be burdened by the daunting task of managing a drug and alcohol program.  Let Boon Data Solutions help you keep it simple.  Contact us today so we can show you how easy it is to maintain your own, in-house drug and alcohol testing program.

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