Some Interesting COVID -19 News

We found something interesting in our local newspaper regarding the Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus can survive on common material surfaces for hours, even days. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.” 
1. Airborne droplets containing the virus can survive for up to 3 hours.
2. Virus rate of decay depends on the surface material type. Copper, 4 hours (Copper is an excellent disinfectant); Cardboard, 16 hours; Stainless Steel, 21 hours; Plastic, 21 hours.
3. So the virus will remain on a Grocery Cart Handle 21 hours; a subway hanger strap 21 hours; a door handle or knob 21 hours; a UPS or Amazon Cardboard box 16 hours; a refrigerated plastic milk carton at the supermarket 96 hours (the virus likes it cold).

 It is probably a good idea to wash your hands often. It’s probably a good idea to use the wipes provided by the grocery store when and where you can. It’s probably a good idea to disinfect your kitchen counter after you have unpacked your groceries, oh yeah, and wash your hands.